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The Cinotti Palace, on the right side of Via di Città’ coming from Piazza del Campo, is almost opposite the Chigi Saracini Palace. This Palace dates back to the first half of XVI century, resulting from the restoration of a previous medieval building.

It is organized on four floors, divided by projecting string-course cornices and is considered of particular artistic and historical importance. The mighty ashlar and the projecting cornices of the windows in white travertine stand out against the red surface in brickwork and they are linked to the mannerist Siennese trend.

Of great value is the grove cap vault in the entrance hall, two Renaissance travertine portals and two paintings “ frescos with mythological subjects” in the ceilings of two rooms on the first and second floor.

The fresco in the keystone of a bedroom on the first floor was brought to light after a recent restoration : it depicts a very beautiful cupid who is watching a woman laying on a bed under an awning in the country.

The other fresco, in the keystone of the master bedroom on the second floor represents Io, the woman loved by Jupiter , but changed into a heifer to be rescued from the anger of his wife Juno.

Some experts have attributed the frescos to Baldassarre Peruzzi, while others consider it to be Giorgio di Giovanni’s work, carried out between the fourth and fifth decade of XVI century.

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